Galore Store Logo

FashionMash, an interdisciplinary design program within the Hussman School of Journalism, offers a variety of advertising courses from experiential marketing to product design. Below are my designs for the FashionMash Art Direction in Advertising class, MEJO 572.

Below are my logo designs for Galore Store, a student driven concept store that empowers student artists at UNC. We are collaborating with Galore and PUMA to design their Spring 2020 concept store.

Galore Logo 2

PUMA’s tagline is Forever Faster. It’s cool, clean, sleek. Galore Store, on the other hand, is less bound by its brand: it is defined more by its mission of bolstering student art and equality. My designs for the Galore Store logo and pop-up shop reflect a culmination of PUMA and Galore. They introduce an element of art in addition to being design. For both logos, I played with the idea of 3-D.